Take the Scary out of Video Conferencing.


Video conferencing is becoming more and more common among the business world.  It not only helps to save costs associated with physical meetings it creates less demand on the attendees.  It’s by far one of the most cost effective and efficient mediums to have meetings. With that being said, there are some that shy away from video conferencing.  Here are five easy steps to help take the scary out of participating in video conferencing.

I cannot multi-task! Before video conferencing, we relied solely on audio. Phone conference calls were one the new wave of technology, but the difference now is that you cannot hide behind a phone.  With video conferencing you are front and center which means you must give your full attention to the meeting. Is this really a bad thing? Did you know that when you try to multi-task during a meeting you are 40% less productive then if you give your full attention to the meeting at hand? Help overcome the fear of multi-tasking on a video conference by eliminating possible distractions. Turn off you instant messaging, social media, of other distracting applications. Put away your mobile device.

Do I look good on camera? Nearly 80% of people have anxiety about public speaking so it’s understandable that many worry about their appearance on a conference call.  You can eliminate this fear by adjusting the lighting for your video conference call. Always keep a light source in front of you, not behind you. Also, position your camera at an angle you are comfortable with before the video conference begins.

Where am I supposed to look? When participating on a video conference call many do not know where to look. It seems natural to look straight at the screen, but many are told to look into the camera. Here’s a simple solutions. Since looking directly at the camera can feel awkward, plant your eyes directly below the camera on the screen.  This will for more natural for you but will ensure that the meeting attendee on the other end feels you are looking at them.

I am not a techy! Many shy away from using video conferences because they are worried about the technical hurdles. What happens if the screen goes blank? What if there is no sound?  Take the worry out of the equation by preparing for a video call ahead of time. It’s best to engage your IT department or contact to help you troubleshoot any issues before the call. Tech Nation technicians are skilled at not only installing video conferencing equipment, but also training clients on how to use the systems.

What’s that behind me! Many individuals avoid video conferencing because it seems too invasive for them.  Everyone can see what’s going on behind you.  Well, rest assure, there is a solution. When participating in a video call make sure you have a non-cluttered, neutral background. Using a neutral wall not only helps your lightening situation, but it gives a professional background to your conference call.

As video conferencing continues to grow in popularity, it’s important to stay at the forefront of technology. Take the scare out of video calls with these easy tips.  For more information in video conferencing systems, contact Tech nation today.

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