Employee Trainings: Getting “Techy” with It.


Across the globe companies and businesses are using video conferencing (VC) systems to engage clients, partners, and employees. Perhaps one of the most popular uses of VC units is the ability train staff and employees. These special training sessions can be held in multiple locations using state-of-the-art video conferencing.  Not only does it streamline training processes but it can cut down on expenses associated with hosting training sessions onsite. When providing video conference training, there are certain aspects to keep in mind to be sure your session is successful for all parties.

Decide on Your Content

While it is crucial that you utilize a VC unit that offers clear, dependable picture the content you provide is probably one of the most important factors to consider.  Before conducting your VC training session, decide how you will provide the content for your employees. For example, after selecting the content you will provide for your training sessions, you may decide that web conferencing platform with video is a better choice than a standard video conferencing setup. Regardless of your decision, there are many VC systems that provide incredibly high fidelity content sharing while still enabling the face to face interaction of video.

Provide a Question & Answer Opportunity

It’s not really a training session if employees and staff are not able to ask questions or interact with the instructor.  A Q&A session is crucial to a successful training; therefore, it is important to look at video technology that includes the ability to ask questions via text. After the meeting, the transcript can be incredibly useful for shaping future sessions and making improvements to the content presented.

Recording and Streaming

Developing and implementing employee and staff training can be time consuming and costly. In addition, attendance is not always an easy issue as you can not guarantee every staff member will be available at the same time.  The best way to counter any absences is to provide a recording of the entire training session. Many VC units provide the recording capability, and some also provide catalogue and archiving options. When selecting your VC equipment these are helpful features to consider.

Staff and employee trainings are essential to a growing business. Be sure to address this investment wisely be selecting a state-of-the-art video conferencing system that will allow you the technology to conduct video based training on your time and budget. For more information about installing video conferencing systems, contact Tech Nation today.  We have a live representative standing by to help you.


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