It’s Not a Party Without Tech Nation

It’s Not a Party Without Tech Nation

Happy New Year from Tech Nation!  We are proud to be an industry leader, designing and installing flawless audio and visual systems for customers at every stage of their development. As you plan events for 2014, we ask that you … Continue reading

Engaging Customers with a Multi-Sensory Experience

Did you know that the average person will see at least 3,000 advertisements a day? From the time they wake up and arrive to their morning destination, they have already been flooded with television commercials, radio spots, and emails. As … Continue reading

The Power of Five Digits

Many people don’t realize the power they hold in their hands.  It’s true.  Did you know that with just the five digits on your hand you could control every aspect of your home? Home automation systems are the wave of … Continue reading

We Can’t Hear You Back Here!

It’s Sunday morning and your find yourself at church, straining to hear your pastor give his weekly message.  It’s a common issue.  As churches and congregations grow, so does the need for reliable sound systems. Sound systems are needed for … Continue reading

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